Readers ask: Virtual families 2 how many babies can you have?

Can you have twins in Virtual Families 2?

having twins and triplets, just like in real life, is completely random. Unfortunately, having twins or triplets in Virtual Families 2 is a lot like hitting the jackpot. You never know when or even if it’s going to happen. All you can do is keep trying!

Can a child die in Virtual Families 2?

Like living organisms, your virtual family is able to grow, age, and eventually, die. This is the last stage of a little person’s life after adult, after which point they will not grow any more.

How long does it take for a baby to grow in Virtual Families 2?

Once you have a baby, mom will nurse until the baby is two. This will take about four hours of real time. After two, your little people age 1 year for every four of our hours.

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Can you get married twice in Virtual Families 2?

The only way to remarry in Virtual Families is if one spouse dies, however if one spouse dies, it usually means that the other spouse will become depressed.

Can two females have a baby in virtual families 3?

Steps to have a baby

Do not pick them up while they are attempting this. After a little while, if you’re lucky, a baby (or two or three – you can have twins or triplets as well, but it’s all based on luck!) will appear in the wife’s arms, and the whole family will start celebrating!

What does a bit blue mean?

Blue‘ can be used as an adjective which means to feel depressed, dispirited, gloomy, low or sad so if you say someone is a ‘bit blue‘ they are feeling a little depressed.

Can virtual families remarry?

The only way to remarry in Virtual Families is if one spouse dies, however if one spouse dies, it usually means that the other spouse will become depressed.

What happens when your kid goes to college in Virtual Families 2?

No, sadly. They do not come back from college until after one or both parents die and you can start a new generation. When this happens, you can start over if you want, or select “New Generation” in the family tree and choose one of your 1-6 children to begin a new generation.

What do the socks do in virtual families 2?

Drag one of your people to whatever needs picked or cleaned up, they take the wrappers to the trash and the socks to the bathroom. In order to clean up the pile of socks that lay on your bathroom floor you must purchase an Automatic Clothes Washer then drag a person to the pile and they will do the laundry.

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What does elated mean in V families 2?

Elated: This is the only status better than Happy. Yummy candy, Career promotions, marriage and new children(if they wanted kids) will help make them Elated. A bit blue: When a character has this status, they might need a tad more attention.

How long does it take to get a marriage proposal in Virtual Families 2?

When you start either a new family, or a new generation, you can expect to get a marriage proposal within the first real-time 15 minutes since your peep entered the house. Often it’s much quicker than that. If you reject that proposal, another one will come in about 45 minutes.

What do you do when your virtual family is extremely weak?

After they have been sick sometimes they will be “Exhausted” depending on how serious the disease was, and other times they will be Weak, A Bit Weak, or Extremely Weak. Give them vitamins and fruit or have them drink a Chamomile Drink and it will “exhaust” them immediately and force them to go to bed.

How do you get a husband in Virtual Families 2?

It might be a marriage proposal, Facebook email, email from friend, bill, etc. Try and get a spouse with a job that pays at least 45 coins in the beginning. It is helpful if your person and their spouse work in the same room because they can share recourses.

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