Readers ask: How can i find out my eye prescription?

How can I find out my glasses prescription?

It’s simple, if your prescription came from a specific optometrist or ophthalmologist you simply need to call their office and request a copy of your prescription. They should be able to walk you through the exact steps needed to receive your prescription.

Can I find out my eye prescription online?

You don’t need to call your eye doctor if you want find your current eyeglass prescription. Thankfully, if you have a pretty basic prescription (meaning they’re not bifocals, progressives or Coke-bottle lenses), there’s a free tool from that can scan your current glasses.

Can I get my eye prescription over the phone?

You may be told that the eye care provider cannot release your prescription to you or anyone else over the phone or by fax. Not true. This is just a way to get you into their store. By law, prescriptions can be transmitted in hard copy or by any electronic means.

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Can I get a copy of my eye prescription Specsavers?

If you have any questions about your prescription or would like a copy of your prescription please contact your local store, or the store where you had your eye test.

How can I get my glasses prescription without going to the doctor?

EyeQue is an at-home vision test that lets you find your own prescription by administering a test using a smartphone attachment the company mails to you. The $69 Bluetooth-powered refractometer measures nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, issuing results in standard prescription format.

How can I get free prescription glasses?

Free prescription glasses and exams.

  1. There are a number of non-profits that can provide free prescription eyeglasses and examinations.
  2. To find a social services agency near you to apply at for free prescription glasses in your area, the New Eyes for the Needy application process can be started at

Can I request my eye prescription?

After you get an eye exam for glasses or a fitting for contact lenses, your eye care prescriber has to give you a copy of your prescription — whether you ask for it or not. It’s the law. To get it, the prescriber can‘t make you: request it.

How can I check my eyes at home?

How to Do an At-Home Eye Test

  1. Print or purchase a vision chart.
  2. Tape the chart on a wall.
  3. Place your child’s chair ten feet away from the chart.
  4. Ask your child to cover one of his or her eyes.
  5. Light the vision chart.
  6. Have your child read each line of the chart.
  7. Repeat the process with your child’s other eye covered.
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Can I get a copy of my eye prescription from America’s best?

Anyone with a current, valid prescription can order online – whether you know it or not! That typically means you had an eye exam less than a year ago. If you don’t see the correct prescription, select your store during checkout. We’ll have a copy in our system and validate the prescription for you!

Can my optician refuse to give me my prescription?

An optician is obliged to provide you with the written prescription following the eye examination. You are then able to take the prescription to another practice. By law, the prescription must provide the basic results of the eye examination.

Is my contact prescription the same as my glasses?

Can I use my glasses prescription for contacts? Contact lens and glasses prescriptions are not the same. A contact lens must match the size and shape of your eye. Therefore, a prescription for contact lenses contains information like base curve and diameter, as well as brand.

Do I have to buy glasses after eye test?

What happens after an eye test? You should never feel obliged to buy glasses or redeem an optical voucher from the place where you had your eye test. Shop around for the best value and only buy glasses or contact lenses when you’re happy with the product and cost.

Can I get a copy of my eye prescription boots?

You can request a copy of your prescription by getting in touch with the Boots Opticians practice where you had your eye check. Their phone number can be found at the top of your till receipt, or on our store locator. Please choose option two when you call.

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What happens if I lost my glasses Specsavers?

Lost your glasses? We’ve made it easier to buy replacement frames and lenses. This service is available for Specsavers customers with a valid prescription, seeking a same pair replacement of lost or broken glasses.

Is 1.25 eye prescription bad?

1.25 power lens correction is relatively mild. When it comes to corrective vision wear, the further from zero the number, the worse a person’s sight. In cases where a person receives a diagnosis of 2.25 or 3.00 or higher number, prescription glasses are needed to correct the problem.

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