Quick Answer: Oxo smooth edge can opener how to use?

How do you use a oxo lock can opener?

Squeeze the Can Opener closed and hear the lock snap shut to hold the can securely while you turn the knob. There’s no need to grip tightly to keep the Can Opener in place on the rim. Press the lock open with your thumb and it springs open to release the can.

How does a smooth edge can opener work?

These new can openers, known as “safety,” “safe-cut,” or “smoothedgeopeners, approach the mundane task of opening a can in a rather enlightening way. Instead of cutting into the lid, the opener’s metal wheel pries under the lid’s outer lip so that the entire top of the can lifts up and off.

How does the Oxo Can Opener work?

The OXO Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch works by opening the lid from the top, leaving a sharp edge. Slowly lift the can opener away from the lid. Lift the magnetic latch to release the lid. Once you have lifted the opener and the lid away from the can, you can remove the lid by releasing the magnetic hold.

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How do you use a good cook can opener?

Simply attach the metal wheel of the GoodCook Safe-Cut Can Opener to the top of your can. Twist the handle of the can opener, continuing all the way around the can before stopping. Once cut, twist a half turn back to release the can opener. To clean, rinse in warm, soapy water and towel dry.

How do you clean an OXO can opener?


  1. Soak it: Put your can opener, gears-down, into the Mason jar, then add enough vinegar to cover the working parts.
  2. Let it sit: Wait at least a few minutes (or hours, if your can opener is really bad).
  3. Scrub: Bring the jar over to the sink.
  4. Add soap: Add some dish soap to your toothbrush.

What is the best smooth edge can opener?

Our best overall, the OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener (view at Amazon), is constructed of high-quality stainless steel and is easy to use and clean.

Can opener for seniors?

Best Can Openers for Seniors: Ergonomic, Easy Can Opening!

  • Best For Arthritis. Balywood One-Touch Can Opener. Simple one-touch opener with auto-stop, built-in magnet, and ability to prevent sharp lids.
  • Easiest To Use. Cuisinart Deluxe Can Opener.
  • Best Manual Can Opener. Zyliss Lock N’ Lift.

Can openers that leave smooth edge?

The OXO Smooth Edge Can Opener is a classic opener with a fun twist. It cuts cans below their top edge, so the lids can be safely removed and reused. The stainless steel cutting wheel won’t leave sharp edges and works without touching the can content.

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What is the best can opener for seniors?

  • Best Overall: AmazonBasics Electric Can Opener. Buy on Amazon.
  • Best Dishwasher Safe: Hamilton Beach Heavyweight Electric Can Opener. Buy on Best Buy.
  • Best Durability: Cuisinart CCO-50 Electric Can Opener.
  • Best Handheld: OXO Good Grips Can Opener.
  • Best Electric: Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener.

How long should a can opener last?

After long-term testing a number of these models, we’ve found they can last for years without ever becoming dull. The same cannot be said for manual safety models, which last for only about one or two years and cost two or three times as much as conventional openers.

What is the best can opener on the market?

Continue to 2 of 8 below.

  • Best Overall, Electric: Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener.
  • Best for Arthritis: OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener.
  • Best Multi-Purpose: Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Can Opener.
  • Best Compact: Korin Wall Mount Can Opener.
  • Best Left-Handed: Kuhn Rikon Ratchet SAFETY LIDLIFTER.

Can openers as seen on TV?

Original Safety Can Express As Seen On TV by BulbHead – Easy One-Touch Operation – Effortless Electric Can Opener Leaves Smooth Edges – Works On All Types of Cans – Lids Fit Back In Place for Storage.

Can opener the right way?

Apparently you’ve been using a can opener wrong your whole life — but the ‘rightway may be unsafe

  • It turns out there’s a ‘rightway to use a can opener — and you probably haven’t been doing it.
  • According to a YouTube video from Cinemagraphy, you should hold the can opener horizontally instead of vertically.
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How do you use Easican?

The Culinare Easican makes opening cans effortless. It’s mess free and in one smooth action it lifts the lid off the can, which makes it easier to pour the content out. To use, simply attach it to the can lid, rotate the knob and lift away the lid.

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