Question: How many pets can you have out bdo?

How do you get Tier 4 Pets in BDO?

You have to have 2 tier3 pets (of the same type) and clash them together. And with luck you’ll get a tier4 pet.

How do I combine pets in BDO?

To start breeding, you must check in the two pets and then click on the exchange button. This will open up the breeding interface which you can then add in the pets. You also need to name your new pet offspring and select if you like to inherit any of the parent’s transferable skills (buffs).

How do pets work in BDO?

Pets can be bought from the Pearl Store by pressing (F3) then going to the pet tab. Pets will follow your character around and pick up loot for you automatically. All tier pets pick up one item every 2.5 – 10 seconds (depending on their tier and level) within a 10 meter radius.

Can pets die BDO?

No, pets can‘t be killed. They can get hungry which causes them to not always do what they’re supposed to, but they can‘t be targeted by other players.

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How can I get a free pet from BDO?

These free pets are obtained via completing the main story quests, up to Valencia. 3 Other Free Pets: Other free pets obtainable include the free dog or cat from the Challenge Reward, a rare dragon pet drop, and a fox from Deve’s Encyclopedia.

Does PET level matter BDO?

Pet level doesn’t matter when exchanging. However, the higher the pet level is, the faster it would pick items. Also, as others have mentioned, your pet will learn new skills.

What do you feed pets BDO?

Organic Feed

  • 2x Oatmeal.
  • 5x Meat (Deer, Lamb, Fox, Rhino, Pork, Raccoon, Weasel, Bear, Wolf)
  • 4 Chicken/Kuku Bird/Flamingo Meat.
  • 2x grey quality fish OR 1x green quality fish. If using dried fish then 4x grey quality dried fish OR 2x green quality dried fish.

Which pet should I buy in BDO?

Premium Pet Type

Pet Name Special Ability Talent
Carmadun Owl Finds Rare Monsters Knowledge +5-20% and Higher-grade Knowledge Gain Chance Increase +1-4%
Marmot Auto-fishing Time Reduced 10%-30% Life Skill EXP +1-4%
Otter Auto-fishing Time Reduced 10%-30% Life Skill EXP +1-4%
Little Lamb Hostility Detection Life Skill EXP +1-4%

How do you get a pet dragon in BDO?

You can get the Young Red Dragon Pet by turning in Garmoth’s Horn to NPC Garrison in Duvencrune.

Where can I buy pet food in BDO?

On where to purchase pet food, you can buy pet food from stable keepers. Some stable keepers do not sell pet food, unfortunately. You have to interact with the stable keeper, click the store icon, and purchase the feeds you need for your pet. Close the store and feed your pets.

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How do I change my pet skill in BDO?

  1. Yes by breeding same type of pets like your penguins.
  2. You breed them by clicking on “exchange” and select both penguins (make sure to pick if you want to keep the look of either and also the skill or gamble for a new skill).
  3. you can decide if you want to keep one of the parents skills or get new ones.

Do hedgehogs stack BDO?

BDO Hedgehog is a popular gathering pet that gives a helping hand to the Gathering Life Skill. NOTE: The Hedgehog gathering buff does not stack if you have more than one Hedgehog out, but you can Exchange/breed them to increase their gathering proc chance.

How do you get Penguin BDO?

A cute baby penguin pet you can buy from the Pearl Shop for 220 Pearls. It will pick up items dropped by mobs every 5 seconds or so.

What can I buy in pearl shop BDO?

Top Pearl Shop Items for Life Skills

  • Hedgehog: This pet is essential for getting more from gathering.
  • Pet Life Skill Buffs: Faster AFK Fishing: Penguin/Polar Bear/Marmot/Dragon.

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