How can i forget something?

Is it possible to erase your memory?

Although research is progressing quickly, there are no drugs available yet that can erase particular memories. With some hard work, however, you can find a way to prevent bad memories from continuously popping into your head.

How can I forget something disturbing?


  1. Go outside and breathe in some fresh air, stare up at the at the sky and clear your mind.
  2. Try not to think about it.
  3. Meditation and other mindfulness techniques can help.
  4. Write about it on a journal or talk about it to someone.
  5. Listen to some upbeat dance music or really cheesy pop songs.

How do you trick your brain into forgetting something?

Whatever you want to call them, here are tips for forgetting your troubles along with the random clutter piling up in your brain.

  1. Shove the thought away.
  2. Push it back again—and again.
  3. Think of something else.
  4. Prepare for shutdown.
  5. Just do it.
  6. Study.
  7. See it another way.
  8. Walk through a doorway.
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How can I remember something I forget quickly?

Thinking about something else can help “reset” your retrieval. Relax. Anxiety can make it difficult to remember even simple information. If you are having a hard time remembering something, don’t get worked up over it; try taking a few deep breaths to calm yourself and then try to think of the information.

What drug erases memory?

Blebbistatin: New Drug Erases Drug Associated Memories For Those In Recovery. A newly discovered drug, Blebbistatin, might be able to increase the success rate for those recovering from their addiction to meth by going into the brain and erasing the memories associated with meth use which can help to prevent relapse.

Can you force yourself to forget something?

Obviously, not all memories go to the long-term stage; instead, your brain consolidates certain memories and discards others.In fact, previous research has shown that people can actually train themselves to forget things on purpose. Basically, you already forget some things on a daily basis, and that’s not a bad thing.

How do you stop thinking about something?

How to Stop Thinking About Something

  1. Distract yourself- Sometimes the best way to stop thinking about something is to do something physical to distract yourself.
  2. Talk about it with someone you trust- Sometimes the thoughts in our head need a release.
  3. Mindfulness exercises- Mindfulness is a form of meditation that.

How long does it take the average person to forget something?

Research on the forgetting curve (Figure 1) shows that within one hour, people will have forgotten an average of 50 percent of the information you presented. Within 24 hours, they have forgotten an average of 70 percent of new information, and within a week, forgetting claims an average of 90 percent of it.

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How do I forget the past and start a new life?

8 Steps to Move Away From the Past You Need to Leave Behind

  1. Learn from the past but don’t dwell there. Yes.
  2. Express yourself. Don’t hesitate to get the pain you’re feeling off your chest.
  3. Stop pointing fingers.
  4. Focus on the present.
  5. Disconnect for a while.
  6. Think about the people around you.
  7. Forgive those who wronged you — including yourself.
  8. Make new memories.

How can I forget everything and be happy?

Take a look at the list of the best ways to forget your problems and troubles and be happy every single day.

  1. Important things. If you want to forget your troubles, try to think about things that make you happy.
  2. Enjoy yourself. Find time for the things you really enjoy.
  3. Books.
  4. Music.
  5. Positive thoughts.
  6. Laugh.
  7. Exercise.

How can I forget worries and happy?

7 Ways To Beat Your Worries

  1. Distract yourself through relaxation.
  2. Forget the things you can’t change.
  3. Write a worry list.
  4. Discipline your thoughts.
  5. Talk to friends and family.
  6. Confront the problem head-on.
  7. Put things into perspective.

How do you forget something someone said?

If you find that this is the case, here are a few more tips to help you amend the situation:

  1. Apologize. This is the most simple and yet the most effective way to get someone to forget something negative.
  2. Explain yourself. Let the individual know what your intentions were behind what you said or did.
  3. Drop it (for now).

How do I memorize something?

7 Tricks To Help You Remember Anything

  1. Convert words to pictures.
  2. Use memory spots.
  3. Stacking.
  4. Use rhymes.
  5. Use mnemonic devices.
  6. Work specifically on names.
  7. Use pictorial storage to remember lists of items.
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How do I memorize a conversation?

Just pick the first one that you feel might work and settle on that. Find moments to refresh the images in your mind by thinking about them for a few seconds. If there are several hours before you get a moment to write it down, you will remember the conversations much better if you review the images a couple of times.

How can I memorize something overnight?

How to Memorize More and Faster Than Other People

  1. Prepare.
  2. Record What You’re Memorizing.
  3. Write Everything Down.
  4. Section Your Notes.
  5. Use the Memory Palace Technique.
  6. Apply Repetition to Cumulative Memorization.
  7. Teach It to Someone.
  8. Listen to the Recordings Continuously.

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