FAQ: How can i forward text messages to another phone?

Can I forward text messages to another phone automatically?

Easy SMS Texts Forwarder & Manager

This is a simple and free app for Android devices that allows you to forward text messages either in full or selectively to another cell phone. The app allows automated text forwarding and email forwarding. You simply install the app and select the options you want.

How do you forward a text message to someone else?

Foward a text message to someone else

  1. The first, and obvious, thing to do is to find the text message that you want to forward.
  2. Then you just tap and hold on that message showing on your phone’s display.
  3. Once the message is selected, tap on the three vertical dots icon at the top right.
  4. Then tap on “Forward.”

How can I receive text messages from another phone to mine?

How to get text messages from another phone sent to mine

  1. Select the operating system of the phone you want to spy on, and make the purchase.
  2. Download the Cocospy app via the URL sent to you in your email.
  3. After installation, sign in to Cocospy.
  4. Go to the features list on the left of the dashboard and locate messages.
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Can you forward text messages like call forwarding?

Does Call Forwarding also forward text messages? No, Call Forwarding won’t forward text messages you receive on your mobile phone, only calls.

How can I get my husbands text messages sent to my iPhone?

Set up text message forwarding

  1. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive.
  2. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding.*
  3. Choose which devices can send and receive text messages from your iPhone.

How do I forward a text to 7726?

How to forward a text message from your phone to 7726

  1. Touch and hold the message.
  2. Select More.
  3. Select the message you want to forward, then select Arrow in the bottom right corner.
  4. Enter 7726.
  5. Select Send.

How do I forward text messages secretly?

There are plenty of apps and programs available to spy — er, monitor someone’s activities, and there’s another Android app to add to the mix. Secret SMS Replicator, after being installed on a mobile phone, will forward all text messages sent from a phone to another number without the owner’s knowledge. 6 дней назад

How do I resend a text that was delivered?

This doesn’t work for a whole conversation, but what you can do is tap and hold down on the individual text that you want to resend, and you should get the options Copy and More. Tap on More and then tap on the right pointing arrow at the bottom. That places the text into a new text bubble and allows you to resend it.

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How can I see my boyfriends text messages without him knowing for free?

2.1 Minspy for Android

Minspy’s Android spy app is a message interception app specially designed for Android phones. It can give you all the data that your boyfriend is hiding in his Android phone, without his knowledge.

How can I read my boyfriend’s text messages without touching his phone?

Minspy for iOS is a way through which you can spy on your boyfriend’s text messages without even touching his phone even once. It works regardless of which iPhone version or operating system he is using. Not only that, it works for iPad as well.

Can you spy on someones phone without installing software?

You can‘t spy on Android without installing a software. Even these spying apps require installation and that procedure requires human activity. You will need physical access to the target device, too, for downloading and installing the app.

How do I divert calls and texts to another number on my Iphone?

Here are the simple steps:

  1. On the Settings screen, tap Phone and then tap Call Forwarding.
  2. Tap to turn on Call Forwarding.
  3. Use the virtual keypad to enter the number where you want incoming calls to ring.
  4. Tap the Call Forwarding button to return to the main Call Forwarding screen.

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